The Outdoor activities


Enjoy cycling on paved and/or unpaved roads.

In places where you normally do not come by car.

Or spotting wildlife unexpectedly, that would be cool, wouldn't it?

We have different bikes and helmets for all levels and ages

Canoe puzzlehunt

In a canoe you go on a treasure hunt with the help of a map and clues. Here you will try to solve an assignment

Along the way you can relax on the shore or take a nice dip.

Viking Games

Is there a warrior in you?

Today we will investigate that.

Archery, rifle, pistol, blow darts, old techniques from way back in time, and much more.

Competing with your parents, friends or colleagues. Here it is possible. This will certainly be an activity you will not soon forget.

Geocache/ GPS trails

In our beautiful surroundings we have set out various geocache or GPS tours.

If you are a rock at solving questions and riddles, then this is something you really have to do.

We have set out various tours for you,

Survival course

Under the guidance of a certified survival run instructor and on a real survival track, you will be taught the basic survival climbing techniques.

Foot clamp, monkeyclimb, swingover, we're going to teach you all. You will be amazed at what you can do.

This is going to be really cool!

ball throwing

this old Dutch game is played with us on a beautiful country road in Swedish nature.

Complete a course in the fewest possible number of balls by throwing forearms.

And hopefully you will be the winner.


When choosing the following separate activities: Viking Games / Survival Run Clinic / Bushcraft, you must take into account a minimum participation of 4 people. It is possible that several people (families) participate at the same time.